Howoocast is a software developer that specializes in developing web-based business solutions.

Since the establishment of the corporation in April 2014, we have accumulated experience by maintaining in-depth relationships not only in service development/building but also in planning/design and marketing/operation/operation/technical coaching by various client companies.

Based on its robust back-end design and software deployment capabilities, Howoocast has the experience and ability to integrate existing processes into a solution.

If you need system construction, efficiency of work, launching new services, and Internet business consulting, please feel free to visit our Howoocast.

Thank you.

Date of establishment

2014. 04. 10

Company classification

a corporation / venture company
(Establishment of an affiliated research institute in 2017)

Business field

· Consulting/Developing/Deploying IT Systems
· Software Development on Demand
· Performing a project
· ISO Certification, Online Advertising

Planning, development, and operation are carried out through professional organizations in each field.

Howoocast offers empirical solutions based on broader and deeper Insight.

Company history

Certification and patents

2021. 11
US Patent Application: Custom Programming System (SSP)
2021. 07
PCT Application: Custom Programming System (SSP)
2020. 12
Patent Registration: Customized Web-based Programming System (SSP)
2020. 11
Patent Registration: Integrated Business Management Solution System (319plan)
2020. 09
Selection of non-face-to-face service voucher providers: Home collaboration tools
2020. 06
Patent Application: Customized Web-based Programming System (SSP)
2020. 05
Data voucher processing company registration [Korea Data Industry Promotion Agency]
2020. 03
Smart Factory Supplier Registration [Smart Manufacturing Innovation Promotion Team]
2020. 03
Acquisition of ISO 9001 (2015) Certification: Development of Business Management System for Enterprises
2019. 12
Patent Application: Integrated Business Management Solution System (319plan)
2019. 12
Program copyright registration: EtherFOS-LIV, EtherFOS-SSP
2019. 03
Patent Registration: Personal Mobile Linkage System Using High Frequency Sound Recognition Base
2018. 06
Qualification for ISO 14001 (2015) Certification Review
2018. 05
Qualification for ISO 9001 (2015) Certification Review
2018. 04
Qualification for ISO 22000 (2015) Certification Review
2016. 12
Certification of venture companies [Technology Guarantee Fund]
2016. 09
Authorization to establish a research institute affiliated with a company (Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Association)
2016. 06
Acquisition of a confirmation letter for SMEs [Ministry of SMEs and Startups]
2016. 06
Obtaining a certificate of direct production confirmation of software development [Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business]
2016. 06
Acquisition of Software Business Report Confirmation [Korea Software Industry Association]

Enterprise General

2019. 12
Capital increase
2019. 12
Business site relocation (Seonyu-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul)
2017. 03
Implementation of tomorrow's youth filling deduction [Ministry of Employment and Labor]
2016. 04
Implementation of the Youth Employment Internship System [Ministry of Employment and Labor]
2014. 04

The conclusion of cooperation

2022. 05
Woowahan Brothers Software Development Partner Registration
2021. 07
Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering(Hanwha Ocean) Engineering Partner Registration
2021. 06
LGCNS Partner Registration
2020. 01
319plan (Integrated Business Management Solution) Advancement/Commercialization Cooperation Agreement signed
2019. 05
Samsung Electronics Partner Registration
2019. 01
PTKOREA selected as a partner for web mobile development in the digital sector
2018. 07
CJ ENM Partner Registration
2018. 07
Conclusion of Technical Agreement MOU: ACNT System
2018. 03
Hongcheon Cooperative Agreement on Development/Education/Marketing
2016. 12
Daegu University Signs Agreement for Industry-Academic Cooperation Family Company
2016. 01
Naver/Daum Online Advertising Official Grand Event Agreement Signed
2015. 03
LG Household & Health Care Signing an online advertising agency contract
2014. 10
Mobile Rich Media Advertising Media Affiliate Agreement
2014. 09
Interpark Mobile Advertising Agency Contract Entered
2014. 05
Japan's Septeni Signs Online Advertising Agency Business Agreement
2014. 04
Appointment of a private monitoring team for public data portals [Korea Information Society Agency]

Technology and Solutions

2020. 02
SWF(Scenario Work Flow) Development
2018. 07
SSP Joint Development: AC&T System
2017. 11
510site v3.0 Launching
2017. 09
319plan v2.0 Launching
2017. 02
206vote v1.0/510site v2.0 Launching
2016. 07
Development of HTML5 Canvas-based Web Canvas Core Engine
2015. 12
Developing a 510 site Web Builder Solution
2015. 09
Passportcast Launches Mobile App for Overseas Travel Safety Information
2015. 04
Development of Mixlay Advertising Platform
2015. 03
Development of 319plan Business Collaboration Management Solution


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