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Enables web browsers to perform development activities, such as configuring a screen with a mouse and performing user-specified actions when certain components are selected, or reading data from a database and displaying information on the screen.

Use Case: Development of Smart Factory Development Tools

Development of Web-based graphics editing capabilities (Web-To-Print)

Allows customers to choose their preferred color or place phrases, photos, stickers, etc. in prepared product photos, allowing customized production. In addition, you can write your opinions on the product or design results directly on the photo or use it as a tool for performing tasks such as corrective instructions and problem references.

Use Case: Accessories Custom Order page, album editor, business card editor, certificate/appointment editor, etc

Coaching an organization that has a development team but has no experience in performing web-based projects

We often want to develop the web development capabilities of the internal development team at the same time as the project is carried out. The role of experienced developers is important when you need to start organizing your organization, and when you need to do it within the scope of your project, from training for transition.

Development of a Hybrid App Based on Cordova Technology

Cordova is an open source mobile development framework. Avoiding the native development language of each mobile platform, you can use standard web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript for cross-development.

Development of PC applications based on electron technology

Electron(a past name: Atom Shell) is an open source framework that uses front-end and back-end components originally developed for web applications to enable the development of desktop graphical user interface applications.

Use Case: Kiosk development, desktop business software development

Legacy Systems Web-based Transition Development / Expansion of dashboard capabilities from legacy systems

Legacy systems are old technologies or methodologies, computer systems, software, and so on. This may refer to technology that is still used in modern times, but it also affects modern technology if it is no longer used. - Wikipedia

Use Case: Extending the existing system's deficient status monitoring system can be expected to extend the system life cycle.

Developing Web Applications and Native Technology Interfaces

Web technology is only available within the browser, so if you need to configure the interface with the native environment outside the browser, you need a separate technology.

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